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You're Going to Learn

Master Strategy

How specializing is the key factor to succeeding on Upwork and how to build your profile to position yourself as one.

title & tags

How to write your title and tags to rank higher in Upwork's search algorithm.

Profile video

How to create a profile video that'll set you apart even if you're terrified of the camera.

Profile picture

How to create a profile picture that communicates expertise and professionalism even on a budget

profile Overview

The three components of a persuasive profile overview.


How to create a killer portfolio even if you have no past clients or job history.

what students say

"This class made me just jump into Upwork and land my first job right away!"
Lucre Garino
"I got immediate results from a client the first day I changed a few things applying the tips [John] gives.."
Lona Taylor