Learn PHP Beginner to Advanced

Go beyond just "what to type" and truly master PHP

You're Going to Learn

hello world

Learn how to create your very first PHP script using the .php file extension


Arrays are special variables that store multiple vales in a single variable.

for and foreach loops

For and foreach loops iterate based on certain conditions and execute code.


Variables are for storing data in PHP. They start with a $ sign followed by the name of the variable.

if, else & switch

Conditional statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions.

While Loops

While loops iterate and executed code as long as a given condition remains true.

GET, POST, Sending Email, Creating a Contact Form and more

what students say

"This is seriously one of the best tutorials ever. Its consistent, clear, and most importantly has examples and tells us why we are doing things. Just like you said. Thank you for this great effort."
Venkatesh Ravi
"This is by far the most pragmatically useful course I've ever found for getting started with PHP."
Levi Sanchez