object-oriented programming

Build professional PHP applications using object-oriented programming

You're Going to Learn

what is oop?

What is the point of object-oriented programming and how does it make application-building easier.

class constructors

Using constructors to pass variables to your PHP class.

class inheritance

The parent-child relationship in object-oriented programming.

class, property, object, method

The difference between classes, properties, objects and methods.

public, private & protected

Making our properties and methods visible (or not) to other classes and the global namespace.


Static methods and properties, namespaces, interfaces, autoload, MVC and more in the full course.

what students say

"I have cobbled together PHP knowledge from building WordPress themes/plugins, so I was looking for a course that was a level beyond the syntax of variables, for loops, etc. This course was exactly what I was looking for!"
Heather Weaver
"This instructor always takes you from "hack" to professional developer in all his courses. He explains what to do, why you should do it, and explains why stuff breaks when it is done differently. Really dives deep on his topics."
Scott Plude