The Nitty-Gritty Figure Out Your Niche Lesson

This is it.

Where the rubber meets the road.

We’re gonna do the research and figure this thing out. Now, it’s going to take some work and some thinking. So, this won’t be easy, but you should feel excited because when you’re done, you will have the thing you came here for:

YOUR perfect niche.

Where you KNOW the sky is the limit in how big you can grow, how good you can get and yes… how much money you can make. So, now is the time to perk up, turn all the “lights” in your mind and buckle down.

So, first things first.

As we go through this, I want you to keep a phrase in the back of your head:

“A parade already in progress”

That is courtesy of the famous copywriter, John Carlton. A guy whose forgot more about marketing and sales than you or I will ever know.

And, an obscenely wealthy guy at that.

But, this is the thing you’re looking for as you research. The idea is you want to find people who are already interested in what you’re offering; as opposed to trying to convince people to be interested in it.

So, if what you do is graphic design services…

You want to find people already looking to hire graphic designers.

This is why the “ugly website” approach in the last lesson doesn’t work.

Now, this might seem obvious, but it gets trickier as you really start to “niche down”. What a lot of people do is just try to “think up” what those smaller niches might be. No, no, no. You want to let the data tell you what it should be.

For example, open up a new tab in your browser and go over to In the search bar, search for “graphic design”. Over on the right, you’ll see the words “Sort by:” and a dropdown box. Change the dropdown box to “Best Selling”.

Here’s what I see when I do that right now:

So, look.

You get your generic “I’ll do any graphic design” stuff. But, of the top 4, three are niche-specific. Two for logo design and one for t-shirt design. Now, you might’ve guessed the logo design, but I bet if I’d asked you before-hand what the top 4 graphic design services on Fiverr would be, t-shirt design probably wouldn’t have come up.

You’ll also note that #5 on the list mentions “flyer design” specifically.

So, just that little bit of research can be clarifying.

You’ve already identified three potential niches:

  1. Logo design
  2. T-shirt design
  3. Flyer design

Let’s do another.

This time on the top menu, under “Graphic Design”, select “Web and Mobile” design:

Here’s what I see right now:

Again, several different potential niches right away:

  1. Photoshop web templates
  2. WordPress website design
  3. Website mock-ups
  4. Android mobile app design
  5. Responsive website design
  6. Custom icons

See how all these are more specific than just simple “graphic design”?

THAT is a niche.

And, if you think about it from the client’s perspective it’s so much easier to relate to. Most clients don’t want “graphic design”, they want a logo. Or a website. Or an icon set. They want “things” not services. And, that’s what you’re seeing here.

So, as you might have guessed… this is research step #1. Go on Fiverr and search your general market, choose “Best Selling” from the dropdown and troll through what comes up. Write down all the different niches you come across that you have even a mild interest in.

This should be a big list.

Try to hit 20-30 different potential niches.

Do multiple searches and dig deep into the search results if you have to.

You want a large pool to start with because we’re going to ruthlessly edit going forward. And yes, Fiverr really is the best place to start because they have just about everything. You’ll find Celebrity Impersonators, Spiritual Healing, Musicians…

Whatever you do, you can probably find it there.

And thus, the necessary data to get you started.

Plus, they make their vendors package their services into products. Or, “end results” as I like to say. So, you not only get ideas for what those might be, you get to filter and see exactly which ones are the best-selling.

It’s the perfect tool for identifying profitable niche ideas.

But, with that said, up next is everybody’s favorite online platform…


Seriously though, even if you hate Upwork and never plan on spending one second getting freelance work from there, it’s still a tremendous research tool. Actual clients looking for actual freelancers, so you get direct market data.

Hundreds of new jobs posted every day.

And, the largest freelancing platform on the planet.

It’s a goldmine of data.

So, create an account if you don’t have one.

Once you’re all set up, take the list of potential niches you got from Fiverr and search for those on Upwork. This will give you real-life data about how viable this niche is. For example, when I search for “logo design” on Upwork, this is what I get:

Notice there’s 8,158 jobs found.

That’s a good sign. It means there’s a good amount of work coming through on a daily basis. And, if I scroll to the bottom job on page 1, it was posted 30 minutes ago:

That’s a very good sign because it means all 10 jobs posted on this first page were posted within the last 30 minutes. That’s a very active niche.

Now, here’s where most people trip up.

Your natural instinct will be to scroll through this feed and look at the jobs, budgets, etc and analyze the niche based on that. But, these are listed in chronological order. So, unless you scroll through all 80+ pages, you’re not getting a true sense of the niche.

Only what’s come through in the last hour or so.

This is where Upwork’s search filters come in.

So, let’s just do some basic filters:

So, that’s:

  1. Clients who’ve hired at least one freelancer
  2. Clients whose payment method has been verified
  3. Projects with a budget of $500 and up

And, you can see there’s 1,143 jobs that fit these criteria. Again, a VERY good sign. So, when you are asking the question, “Is there money in this niche”… this gives you a pretty clear answer. TWO of the biggest freelance sites, Upwork and Fiverr, have this niche service at the top of their lists.

It’s about as close to a “sure thing” as you’re going to get.

And, with no guessing or wondering.


Of course, now, the trick is comparing niches.

So, go through that list of 20-30 potential niches and do this same analysis. And see how they compare to one another. You’ll likely find niches that are even more profitable than this one. And plenty that are less.

That will help you whittle your list down to probably 5-10 that are the most profitable.

The final step, then, is to go back to the last lesson. Look at that list of 5-10 highly profitable niches and just think about… “Which one really calls out to me? Is there one I’m super passionate about or have a deep desire to be great at?”

If yes, THAT is the niche or niches you want be in.

The perfect crossover of money, talent and passion.

This is what you were “meant” to do.

And, if none of those niches really call out to you, go back to the drawing board. Start back over and maybe, just maybe you need to be in a different market all together. Maybe, you think you should be a web designer, but actually you’re most passionate about fitness.

I don’t know, but I’ve given you the tools to figure it out.

Now, you just have to do the work and make the decisions.

Next up, then, I’m going to show you some examples of weird niches and service offerings that turn out to be highly profitable. And, we’re going to dig more into figuring out what services you can offer your newly discovered niche.

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