The Four Ps of Productizing Your Services

When, selling your services, it’s not enough to say…

“I do graphic design.”

Or, “I build websites.”

Or, “I’m a photographer.”

Or, “I’m a writer.”

You need to be more specific and detailed than that. Much more detailed. And, that’s what the 4 Ps do. They help you to methodically design a robust service offering that’s exactly what your potential clients want.

And just fair warning, because I know MY personality. It’s really easy to hear what I just said and go, “Aaaaaaaaa. I’ll just wing it.” I’m telling you… it’s gonna bite you. If you’re falling short, at all, of your income goals…

99% of freelancers I work with…

It comes back to this.

So, ignore at your own peril…

In any case, let me show you what to do.

So, the 4 Ps are:

  • Product
  • Package
  • Premiums
  • Price

Let’s start with the actual Product.

Wait, product?

I thought we were offering services? This is the first big tripping point for most freelancers. Here’s the insight… the majority of clients don’t want a “service”, they want a thing.

Take graphic design.

Most clients don’t want “graphic design”…

They want a logo.

Or a website mockup.

Or a book cover.

They just know they have to hire a graphic designer to get those things. So, when marketing, your job is to make it easier for them to find exactly what they want. Instead of offering generic, vague (and confusing) “services”.

Offer clear and specific “products”.

Logo design.

Website mockup design.

Book cover design.


Of course, you gotta figure out what those “products” are for YOU. Fortunately, there’s a site that already does 99% of the work for you:


We’re gonna use writing as our example. So, go to Fiverr and click on the “Writing and Translation” link at the top. Then, “Aricles and Blog Posts” Then, “Best Selling” from the “Sort by” dropdown. Here’s what I see when I do this right now:

This is a list of the best selling services offerings in “Articles and Blog Posts”. If you’re an article writer, you’re staring at a list of exactly what the clients in your market want… already productized for you!

And, look at what you see:

  • Health and fitness article
  • Funny video game article
  • French article
  • SEO-optimized article
  • Natural hair article
  • Soccer article
  • About page

Of the top 8 best-selling “Articles and Blog Posts” services offerings on Fiverr, there’s ONE that says, “I write articles”. Every other one is specific and targeted. The client knows exactly what they’re getting.

An SEO-optimized article.

Or, a 1,000-word article on health and fitness.

Or, a 1,500 word article on natural hair care.

See how much clearer that is for a potential client? To them, they’re getting a real, physical thing not some vague, unclear “service”.

So, your job now is to troll Fiverr.

Look in the top menu or do a search and find a niche related to the services you offer. Graphic design, web development, photography, writing, video editing, whatever is… find it on Fiverr. Turn the “Sort by” dropdown to “Best Selling”.

And, see what you can find.

Narrow it down to a core service you’ll offer.

Instead of being a “graphic designer”, you create brand-perfect logos for bloggers and online business owners. Or instead of being a “photographer”, you create Amazon product shot photos for online sellers.

And, to the big questions you’re probably having right now…

“Is this too niche? How can I charge higher prices for such a small deliverable?”

We’ll tackle that in the upcoming lessons.

You will have a robust, full offering by the time we’re done. But, you need to start with a core service offering that’s been researched, is specific and you know lots of people out there want. That’s what this is.

So, do the research and then head to the next lesson.

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