How to Price Your Freelance Services

At this point, you should have a 3-tier set of services that all fit together coherently, a bullet list of everything that’s included in each tier, bonus items for each tier that make your offer unique and set you apart.

You’re 90% home.

Now, you just need to add the prices for each tier.

Wanna know how to get this exactly right? So, your offer is so compelling, it’s irresistible to potential clients? And, it results in you selling more of your freelance services with less work?


Thing is, though, there’s no easy 1-2-3. Pricing is market-driven. Your consumers determine what they’re willing to spend. So, this step takes research. Therefore, pricing is always the trickiest part, even for experienced freelancers. If you’re new, it’s even more confusing.

You have to know your market.

What other people are offering.

And, what they’re charging for it.

Are you offering more? Then, you can charge a bit more. If you’re offering less, you’ll have to charge a bit less. Or, change your offer to give them more. So, it’s an art, not an exact science. And, again, takes research.

But, here’s the thing…

You’ve already done most of that research in this tutorial. Between your trolling around Fiverr and Google, you’ve seen a LOT of prices. So, you already have some sense of the different price ranges your services fall into.

The thing for you is to understand pricing strategy.

This is one of those mistakes freelancers make early on in their career. They either just make up a price without a lot of strategy or they default to a “cheaper is better” mindset. But, pricing is a lot more sophisticated than that.

You can do all this work up to this point…

And, still miss with your offer if you don’t get the price and pricing strategy right.

And, still end up putting out services nobody wants (at least not at THAT price)…

Or, that are way underpriced and you end up leaving money on the table.

And, working harder than you have to.

That’s why big companies spend a lot of time and money on it.

Getting it right is critical.

In any case, there are four main factors that affect price when it comes to similar services and three primary pricing strategies relevant to freelancers.

Would you like to see examples from real companies and nail this down exactly?

If so, I walk you through it in my Freelancing 101 course, “What Services to Offer” over on Skillshare. You can learn more about the course and get free access here:

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