How to Package Your Services

Next up, is the Package.

Now, that we’re “productizing” our services, we have to be clear about exactly what a client is getting and what they’re not. That’s the packaging.

Take logo design for example.

If I hire you to create a logo for me, how many variations will you make for me to choose from? Or, how many revisions will I get? Do I get just the JPG or do I get the source Photoshop files, too?

Because we’re no longer offering an open-ended “service”, these are the kinds of questions clients will have. And, the packaging answers them upfront. And, gives different clients different options at different prices points.

So, once you’ve nailed down the core SaaP you’ll offer, think about what you’ll include. Try to have 3 variations of each. So, for example, a basic level where they get 1 variation, 1 revision and just the JPG for a lower price.

A medium where they get 3 variations, 3 revisions and just the JPG.

And, an advanced where they get unlimited variations and revisions, plus all the source files and 100% license to modify and use as they see fit. Now, you have three different offers that appeal to three different market segments.

So, as you can see, this is where you flesh out your offer and make it robust.

And, it’s no wonder people who actually DO this, just make more.

But, of course, we don’t guess at what these things should be. We research. And, once again, Fiverr is a great place to do that research. So, let’s use another example: graphic design. Head back over to Fivver and this time do a search for “graphic design”.

Set the “Sort by” to “Best Selling” and here’s what I see right now:

So, let’s say that you see 2 of the top 8 service offerings are for “logo design” and you decide that’s what you want to offer as your core service. Great. Click into the first one. Scroll down to where it says “Compare Packages” and this is what I see right now:

And, here you go.

An example of packages laid out right here for you. And, remember, this is the #3 best-selling graphic design service on all of Fiverr. That’s not just the # of units sold. It’s the amount of money made. So, pay close attention to what they’re offering.

They’re doing something right.

And so, you’ll see how they’ve packaged their services. A basic package where you get the logo, in high resolution, 1 variation… for just $10. All the way up to a Premium package where you get all that plus the vector and source files and 2 variations for $45.

Of course, that’s just one offering.

If we click the other one in the top 8, we see this:

More data. What I recommend is you go through the top 10 offerings you can find in this list related to the core service you decided on and see what they’re offering to get a sense for any trends or common themes.

This gives you a starting point to think about YOUR packages.

Now, one thing…

You might look at what’s being offered here and the pricing and think “Uh, that’s nothing for my services. Is this what I have to sell my services for?” Keep in mind, this is Fiverr. It literally sets an expectation about its pricing IN its name.

Everything tends to be lower here.

I see the prices for web developers on here and think, “WTF!?” too.

But, I also sold site after site for 10 times what they charge here… so, don’t get wrapped up in it. The pricing you offer on your site can and will be different. This just gives you a starting point to build your packages.

So, write down all the things you can find that are included in the Premium versions of all the different offerings you look at. We’re going to ignore the Basic and Standard. And, I’ll show you why. Go back to the main search you did.

In our case, it was “graphic design”

Now look through here for any service offerings that are closely tied to your core offering OR anything you immediately think of that are closely related. In our example, our core offering, we’re doing “logo design”.

Well, I immediately think of “website design”.

Often times, someone who needs a logo will also need a website.

So, let’s do a search for “website design”:

Now, here we want to look for service offerings where the price listed is a bit higher. I’m gonna go with the one at $600:

And, here’s the packages:

Again, we’ll focus on the Premium option and take note of what’s included. Again, go through 4-5 of the higher-priced service offerings you find here and note trends and common themes.

So, now you’ve got a basic offer, “logo design” and intermediate offer, “logo + website design”. Yes, that’s right. Combine the logo and the website into your intermediate offer. This makes it a natural progression and easy to upsell people to later on.

Ok, so last one, then, as you might be guessing is OUR Premium offer. And, it needs to fit and flow naturally from our basic and intermediate. Again, for me, what immediately comes to mind is “Branding Kit”.

All the different graphics someone might need.

So, let’s look for it.

One trick is to use the Fiverr navigation, itself. These categories and sub-categories exist for a reason. They’re not just random. So, if something is on there, it’s because it’s popular. So, if we look at our Graphic Design menu, this is what we see:

The three I marked are what stand out to me as highly related. And because they’re in this list… highly popular. So, we’ve website design and logo design. But, we don’t have business cards and stationery.

Maybe, we could add that as a third element to create our Premium package.

Now, here’s where knowing your niche really has an impact. Is your niche primarily business people? Will they even need business cards? Do they care about stationery and all that? You want your offers to be a natural fit for them.

So, always remember the people you’re catering to as you make these decisions.

But, let’s assume business cards and stationery ARE a good fit and see what we get:

In this case, Fiverr gives us a custom page that only includes its “Pro-Verified” service providers. This is a great sign. They wouldn’t dedicate this much time to this if it weren’t a highly popular and lucrative niche.

And, again, here I’m looking for big numbers.

So, click on the $1,000 offering I marked above. And, here’s the packages:

You get exactly what a stationery kit includes:

Business cards, letterhead, folder, envelopes, social network images and brand guidelines. And, they’re charging $2,500… on Fiverr! So, note all this down. Look at some others and, again, trends and common themes.

So, that’s OUR premium package…

Logo design, website design and stationery kit. That’s your “brand kit”. And, if you just go by the Fiverr prices, you could charge $4,345 for that package. And, that’s a real price that a lot of real people are paying everyday for these services, individually.

But, we’ll talk about pricing in a bit.

Ok so, that’s the process of packaging your services.

I really hope you can see, now, how much more appealing this is to potential clients. How much clearer the offer is to them (and FOR you) and how every question, including number of concpets and revisions, what you get, all that…

Is handled upfront and crystal clear.

Clients know exactly what they’re getting.

And, that’s 80% of the battle as a service provider.

So, your job is to go through and do this for YOUR service. Figure out your packages and exactly what they’re going to included. You should have a basic, intermediate and advanced. But, don’t worry too much about the price, yet.

Make note of the Fiverr pricing, but don’t settle on it.

Because, next we’ll need to make our offerings truly unique AND add things that are going to allow us to charge even more. So, once you’ve done everything for this lesson, click on through to the next lesson about Premiums.

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