Example: Rent-a-Mourner

Ok, final example.

And, this one is exactly what it says.

To quote the Metro article on this company:

“For £45 a day, Rent A Mourner in Essex provides professional, discreet mourners to attend funerals, make small talk and convincingly mourn the passing of beloved friends and family – just not their own.”

Yep, fake mourners for funerals.

And, here’s what really interesting. The company actually just closed down, but NOT because they didn’t have enough clients. The exact opposite, in fact. They had so much demand they couldn’t keep up and couldn’t figure out how to scale the company.

So, dock them points for failing to scale.

But, the larger point is, LOTS of people wanted this obscure service.

So, hopefully, at this point “niching down” do “logo design services” or “photoshop website templates” doesn’t sounds so crazy. If these companies can be profitable in these super obscure niches, you can in your commercially-verified niche.

That said, this leads us to our final lesson: What Now?

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