Example: Just Food For Dogs

JustFoodForDogs is a restaurant just for dogs and cats. That is, they’re NOT a restaurant for people that’s pet-friendly or serves dog food for pets along with human food. Nope. They only serve food for dogs and cats.

Here’s a look at some of their products:

Now, I love this example for several reasons.

First, the company was started by a guy named Shawn Buckley. He loved his pets and, one day, got curious about what was in their food. So, he looked it up and found it was a lot of overly-processed food with lots of preservatives and toxins.

He vowed to never feed his dogs commercial food, again.

And, he started making homemade food for his dog.

Eventually, some of his friends and family started asking about what he was doing. And, he started making homemade dog food for them. And THAT eventually became JustFoodForDogs, a dog and cat restaurant in Newport Beach, CA.

That has an estimated annual revenue of $5.9 million.

And, has their products sold in PetCo and dozens of stores and clinics all over California.

What’s great about this example is it shows how almost any niche or service can be profitable if it’s set up right. I’d imagine, at first, Shawn Buckley probably never imagined this kind of thing could turn into a $5.9 million/year business.

But, he just followed his passion and went with it.

He found dog owners who were as passionate about their pets as he is. Plus, people who were willing and able to spend money on their pets. That same business where I live in Missouri wouldn’t survive.

But, in Newport Beach, CA… it’s a hit.

So, follow your passion.

Find other people passionate about the same topic, who are willing and able to spend money on it. And then, serve those people. That’s the trick to uncovering your niche.

Up next: the potato-mailer that makes $25,000/month.

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