Charge More & Set Yourself Apart by Offering Premiums

Premiums are bonuses. Anything extra you want to add to sweeten the deal. In our graphic designer example, this could be a 1-hour strategy session included ONLY with the highest tier package.

Or, maybe every tier gets a 2-minute “explainer” video.

Where you explain the design and why you did it the way you did.

Whatever makes sense.

But, something relevant to the main product, but extra.

Not expected.

In order to push them over the top to buying.

Pro tip…

This is where you focus on your competitors and what they’re NOT giving to their clients. Get creative and try to find things you can do extra that’ll make someone hire YOU over the 1,000 other people who do what you do.

So, how do we research this?

Now, it’s time to get off Fiverr.

Instead, we’ll use Google and look for other people doing exactly what you do. Most of the time you can simply add the word “freelance” to the front of your core service. So, for “logo designer”, we’d search “freelance logo designer” on Google.

For a health a beauty article writer, search “freelance health and beauty article writer”.

Or, whatever makes sense.

What you want is to see other freelancers offering the same or similar services as you. Because now we’re going to analyze their stuff and figure out how we can be better. So, let’s go with our “freelance logo designer” example.

Here’s what Google gives us:

The first thing to look for is the ads, not the organic results. Who knows why those pages are ranking as high as they do for the organic results. Could be anything. But, for the ads, we KNOW why, it’s the people paying the most for their ads.

So, these are people spending real money.

Therefore, generally, they are probably converting on their sales pages at a high rate and are making money. Otherwise, they’d stop running their ads. There can be outliers, but we’re not going to look at one, anyway.

So, we’ll account for that.

In any case, when I click on the top listed ad and click their “Packages” link, I get this:

Here, we’re just looking for ideas. What are things we can add to our packages, as bonuses, that are unique? And, we already see several that we didn’t see on the Fiverr listings:

  • 12 to 24 hour turn-around times (Most of Fiverr’s were several days)
  • Mentioning the number of dedicated design teams
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Brochures along with the logo

Are all these good ideas? Not necessarily. As a solo freelancer, I’d never offer 24/7 chat support. But, I can see how a large company like this might. So, you don’t need to take every idea. In fact, you don’t want to.

The bigger point here is to use this brainstorm your own ideas.

Something nobody else is doing that you can and/or will.

Also, this is just our logo design service. We also have our web design and full branding kit services. So, you’d want to do this for every one of your tiers. For example, if I search for “freelance web designer”, I see an ad for a company called “LogoMines”.

And, here’s their premium package:

Again, several things we didn’t see on the Fiverr side. Notice how they mark most of the items with (FREE). That’s implying that they are bonuses included with the package. That’s the idea behind premiums.

Making the client say, “Wow! I get THAT, too!”

Also, notice how they include “Branding” in their offer and it includes the stationery items we already identified. That’s a good thing. It validates our thinking on that.

So, again, go through a bunch of these and get ideas.

And, something to remember…

Coming up with something completely NEW is good, but it’s not always necessary. Sometimes, what will make you unique is the combination of things you offer. So, if one site is offering 24/7 chat and another 100% ownership rights…

You can be unique simply by offering BOTH.

Something neither of the others does.

The trick is to really think through what would have meaning and impact for YOUR clients. Don’t just add things to add them. Add things that matter and will really make the experience of working with you remarkable… things that make them say, “Wow!”

Ok, so that’s premiums. Next up is pricing. Often, the trickiest part for new and experienced freelancers. So, once you’ve got your premiums nailed down, jump into the next lesson and let’s talk about pricing and pricing strategy.

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