Lesson 7: Build Your Site Footer With Elementor

Next up is our site footer. Getting started is the same as building our header. Templates > Theme Builder > Add New Template:

This time, we’ll select the “Footer” template and name it “Footer” and click “Create Template”:

I’m gonna go with this blue one:

Here’s what it looks like:

You can click on the section titles to edit them:

The icon lists come with “items” you can edit all the details for. This template doesn’t include the icons, but you can easily include them by selecting one from the “Icon” dropdown menu.

I’m gonna speed up just a bit, because most of this highly dependent on you, what your site is about, etc. But, don’t overthink it. Link up things that make sense. About, contact, etc. But, one option I’ll show you is listing posts here.

On the left sidebar, scroll down to the Posts element:

Drag it into the section below “Downloads” right above the list there:

It’ll look all messed up, at first. But, we’re gonna make it look just like the list that was there before. Under the “Layout” section, we’ll make the following changes:

  • Number of columns: 1
  • Posts per page: 5
  • Image Position: None
  • Excerpt: Hide
  • Meta Data: None (click the X on both)
  • Read More: Hide

Now, it looks more like a list:

We just need to edit the styling now. Click on the “Style” tab and select the “Content” section. Under “Title”, click the “Color” box to bring up the color picker. In the “Hex/rgba” box, enter this value:


Next, click on the “Typography” button. Set the following options:

  • Size: 14
  • Weight: 300
  • Line-Height: 2

All the other settings can be left as-is. Finally, I’m going to change the background of the entire footer section to black to match the header:

Same with the bottom footer section:

Feel free to edit the rest of this how you see fit.

And, that’s your footer.

Again, when you are done and click the “Publish” button, it will ask you to “Add a Condition”. For now, select “Include” and “Entire Site” and click the “Save and Close” button:

And, that’s it.

Your footer is now live!

Next, we’ll tackle your Single Post template. So, if you’re ready, let’s go:

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