Beginner's guide to html

Start your programming career off on the right foot.

You're Going to Learn

Tags, attributes & elements

Understanding the basic building blocks of HTML code.

Tools & Software

Download & install the most common tools of the trade.

Text, images and anchors

Everything you need to know about the most common HTML elements.

Folder structure & naming

Learn how to properly organize your files & code from the beginning

basic structure of a web page

Every page on the internet is built this way. Learn how to do it right.

build your first web page

We'll put everything together to build your very first web page.

PLUS HTML5 Audio & Video, Forms, Semantic Markup & more in the full course

what students say

"I'm learning more in this HTML class than my Web Applications module in my grade, very engaging teacher and lessons."
Eduardo Espinola
"I thought I knew HTML already, but I learned a lot about HTML5. I followed along and coded up the projects in near real-time."
Oliver Wainwright